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Types of Control Systems

Controlling is one of the basic functions of management. It is critical to an organization's effectiveness, efficiency, and goal achievement. Control does not mean just reacting to events after they have occurred. It also means keeping an organization on track, anticipating events that might occur, and then acting to respond to whatever opportunities or threats have been identified. Control is concerned with keeping employees (a) motivated, (b) focused on the important problems confronting the organization, and (c) working together to make the changes that will help an organization improve its performance over time.

In this exercise you will review the importance of control systems for the effective and efficient functioning of organizations. You will then identify the various types of control systems. By the end of this exercise, you should be able to define organizational control, explain how it increases organizational effectiveness, and be able to identify and differentiate between the various types of controls used in organizations.

Roll over each company name to read a description about the controls used by the company. Then, drag the company name under the appropriate control type heading.

Feedforward Controls/Concurrent Controls/Feedback Controls

1. Alice's Diner: Requests that guests fill out an online survey concerning their satisfaction with the restaurant.

2. JPH Hospital: Each patient's wristband is checked each time medicine is administered to insure that it is being given to the correct patient.

3. Grand Avenue Auto: Monitors customer complaints in order to discover any problem areas or processes in the repair shop.

4. Kat's Cradle: When material is ordered for use in making children's sleepwear, the supplier is notified that only flame retardant material is acceptable.

5. LaReine's Sports Designs: At each step in the manufacturing process, specific workers check that correct buttons and zippers are being used and that the hems have been sewn correctly.

6. GB's Restaurant: The head chef, Grace, shops each morning for fresh fish and produce. She knows that she can only prepare wonderful food if the raw ingredients are of the highest quality.

7. BJ's Brewery: BJ's has installed a new set of automatic sensors to continually monitor the cultivation temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH level of their beer as it brews.

8. Acme Pharmacy: Carefully check the purity of all ingredients that will be used in manufacturing medications.

9. McLaughlin Electric: One month after installing new electrical systems, a representative visits the client to make sure everything is working correctly.

Reference no: EM132233864

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