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A market researcher gives a presentation to a music industry executive. After considering the results of a test market examining whether or not lowering the price of in-store CDs will lower the number of illicit downloads of the same music, the executive claims: "The test market was conducted in eight cities. In two of the cities, lowering the price did not decrease illicit downloading. Therefore, lowering the price does not decrease this behavior and we should not decide to lower prices based on this research." Comment on the executive's conclusion. What type of inference is being made? Will the decision not to lower prices be a good one.

Reference no: EM1387375

Conclude that as size of home increases selling price

The size of the home (reported below in thousands of square feet) increases the selling price (reported in $ thousands) also increases?

Chi-square test for independence of attributes

Chi-square test for independence of attributes - Describe why a x 2  test of the resulting contingency table is appropriate for such an investigation.

Construct confidence interval for average number of minutes

Explain why you might expect the population distributions of these two variables to be highly skewed to the right. Do you think this fact makes your confidence intervals inv

Discuss the potential weaknesses of the data collection

Write an analysis of a peer-reviewed article published within the last three years that is related in some way to the health professional programs at SNHU - Identify whethe

Derive the formula for generating random numbers

The so-called 2-parameter Weibull distribution is defined as follows: F(x) = 1-e-(x/b)a. Using the inverse transform method, derive the formula for generating random numbers

Find out the constant of proportionality

In a laboratory, scientists are performing chemical reactions. The amount of product formed by a reaction can be determined by the equation P= .25r, where P is the product a

What is probability that at least 12 are first time offender

Suppose 4 of those arrested are first-time offenders. Is there any evidence to suggest that the proportion of first-time offenders arrested for DUI in Illinois has changed?

Repeat given process until 10 strings have been sampled

Without looking into the bag reach into it and select a string. Record its length (to the nearest inch) and return the string to the bag. Repeat this process until 10 string


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