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1. To acquire title to real property by adverse possession, a party must:

a. Occupy the property, "for all the world to see," in uninterrupted use for a specified period of time.

b. Occupy the property exclusively and continuously in a peaceable, open, hostile and adverse manner for a specified period of time.

c. Take sole physical occupancy of the property for a specified period of time.

d. Purchase the property from the state.

2. Which of the following is true about the accountant-client privilege?

It applies in federal courts and some state courts.

It applies in all state courts, but not federal.

It applies in some state courts, but not federal courts.

It applies in federal courts and all state courts.

3. Istanbul Industries uses a kanban system to manage production of the MI6 subassembly. In an 8-hour day, they use 100 units per hour and use containers that can hold 23 units each. It takes 120 minutes to fill and move a container of parts to the right place on the MI6 line that is currently rated at a 15% safety factor.

Calculate the maximum system inventory for this part.

345 units

690 units

460 units

230 units

575 units

4. For a firm to create value involves:

A. Earning profits for shareholders, then using these profits to fund lower prices for customers

B. Creating strong customer loyalty, and then to progressively increase prices, thereby creating extra value

C. Creating value for customers, and appropriate some of that value as then extracting some of that customer value as profit

D. Creating value for employees through attractive pay, benefits, and work conditions, then relying upon employees to drive customer satisfaction and, eventually, profits.

Reference no: EM132185150

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