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1. The young investors are going to totally embrace robots-advisors in place of creepy, old-guy investors who charge high fees. Speaking of high fees, my primary concern with many mobile investment apps (like Acorns) is that their fees are high. They seem low but they are quoted monthly so they are high on an annual basis. what do you think?

2. While the law normally allows individuals to enter into contracts freely without limitations, there are times when the law limits the right to contract even where the parties themselves might want to enter into a particular type of agreement.

Please identify another limitation (not one I've given as an example) that the law places on the right to contract and state why you think the law does so.

Reference no: EM132234194

Which map coordinates should the hub be located

Map coordinates and the shipping loads for a set of cities that we wish to connect through a central hub - Near which map coordinates should the hub be located and If the ship

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In negotiations between an international company and a small company in a developing country to set up an international joint venture, what might be each company’s negotiating

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Sam Houston Inc. currently pays an annual dividend of $5. The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5%. If the interest rate is 10%, what is the current stock pri

Explain how do we balance this with our new found

We have touched on delicate balance of successful marketing also perhaps social ethics. Explain how do we balance this with our new found POWERFUL knowledge of consumer beh

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Select one (1) project from your working or educational environment that you would apply the DOE technique for the work process. Next, analyze the overall manner in which you

Operational excellence supports competitive advantages

Operational excellence supports competitive advantages core components in various areas in the organization. The operation of the safe positive environment, listening and comm

Instrument for value by blank indorsement back to jess

In need of cash, Adrien transfers the instrument for value by blank indorsement back to Jess. When told that Ben has left the country, Jess strikes out Ben's indorsement.

Paradigms for managing diversity

Refer to PepsiCo. Which of the following paradigms for managing diversity does it appear that PepsiCo uses? a. the discrimination and fairness paradigm b. the access and legit


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