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Your manager stated that her communication network needs to function nearly all the time. You have been designated to be the project manager to improve the reliability of the system. the current network has three routers that are in the same series and it includes a backup system with three identical routers. The reliability of each router in the system is 0.89, 0.86, and 0.84 What is the percentage of the time the current system is expected to be operational? When you tell her, she directs you to prepare an additional "backup" plan that will improve the reliability to 99% of the time. What is your response and your suggestion? Show your work in excel.

Reference no: EM131033574

Difference between tall organization and flat organization

What are the two things that an organization can do to improve its ability to control? Discuss the significance of direct supervision. What is the major difference between a t

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Synthesize your approach to the effective closure of a team process or project. Focus on how the people might disengage in a positive way. It would be important to ensure co

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Some researchers have found that individuals in organizations rate pay and benefits low in terms of motivation. Instead, they rate fulfillment and even having fun at the top o

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There are four well-known stages all groups move through prior to becoming cohesive, they are: (a) Forming, (b) Storming, (c) Norming, and (d) Performing first developed by Br

Healthcare facility is focused on readmission rates

A healthcare facility is focused on 20 day readmission rates. In a previous circumstance where of 50,000 discharges, 5,200 were not re-admitted within 2 days and came from urb

What generally accepted signal words for safety warning sign

OSHA's HazCom Standard requires one of eight specific pictograms be included on container labels. For four of the pictograms, provide an example of a chemical that would req

Structuring of organization is by no means straight forward

While the structuring of an organization is by no means straight forward (many companies struggle, should with issues such as hierarchy, standardization, matrix structure etc.


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