Time-series data may exhibit which of the behaviors

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1. Time-series data may exhibit which of the following behaviors?

A) Trend

B) Seasonality

C) Cycles

D) Irregularities

E) All of the above

2. Gradual, long-term movement in time-series data is called:

A) Seasonal variation

B) Trend

C) Cycles

D) Irregular variation

E) Random variation

3. In order to increase the responsiveness of a forecast made using the moving-average method, the number of values in the average should be:

A) Decreased

B) Increased

C) Multiplied by a larger alpha

D) Multiplied by a smaller alpha

E) None of the above

4. PERT/CPM can answer which of the following questions?

A) When do activities need to start and finish to meet a deadline?

B) How much delay can be tolerated for certain activities?

C) Given uncertainties, what is the probabilitiy that a project will finish on time?

D) Only the first two of the above

E) All of the above

5. The earliest start time for an activity is:

A) Based on the length of the critical path

B) Based on the maximum of the earliest finish times of its immediate predecessor

C) Based on the maximum of the earliest finish times of its immediate successors

D) The same as the latest start time of its immediate predecessor

E) None of the above

6. In project network analysis, slack refers to the difference between:

A) Observed and predicted times

B) Optimistic and pessimistic times

C) Latest finish and latest start times

D) Earliest finish and earliest start times

E) Latest start and earliest start times

Reference no: EM131199145

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