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Identify the database or process you would like to begin to think about for your future database design. After you have developed a database idea, you need to plan the interviewing of your users. Interviewing will give you a better understanding of user needs, wants, and desires, as well as help you to determine your system requirements. What questions should you ask? How do you think this will help you in determining your table and field requirements? When do you think it would be important to make these decisions? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Reference no: EM131142988

Why is key important in database

Why is a Key important in a database? How does it help with Referential Integrity? Chapter 8 lists three compelling reasons why Keys are crucial to table structure. There is a

Property law might play an important role in business

Identify TWO ways in which property law might play an important role in business. Share TWO types of property law transactions that you may have dealt with or be involved with

What is the probability that biotech will develop vaccine

BioTech Research Center is working to develop a new vaccine for the West Nile Virus. The project is so important that the firm has created three teams of experts to work on th

Modeling for the future

Database Modeling After reading this week’s article, “Modeling for the Future,” expand on the subject of Database Modeling. There are several tools listed and reviewed in the

Reading contained section on interviewing the users

This week’s reading contained a section on interviewing the users. Why is this process important? Think about who uses the tool, what they use it for, and what is important fo

Each of five functions of management information system

Explain the meaning of each of the 4Ps of Marketing; Name and define the meaning of group of people these 4Ps are directed towards as a marketing strategy. Explain the meaning

Improve processes or provide benefit to the organization

Databases are installed to help solve problems, improve processes, or provide a benefit to the organization. Do you have a scenario that you can share where you believe a Data

What does high performance mean

What does high performance mean? Can you define high performance and what constructs/topics/areas are important to determine if a health organization is ‘high performing?’


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