Thermal efficiency of cycle-net power output of power plant

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A steam power plant operates on a simple ideal Rankine cycle between the pressure limits of 3 MPa and 50 kPa. The temperature of the steam at the turbine inlet is 300 C and the mass flow rate of steam through the cycle is 35 kg/s. Show the cycle on a T-s diagram with respect to saturation lines and determine a) the thermal efficiency of the cycle and b) the net power output of the power plant.

Reference no: EM13704099

Show how wave radius must vary with time

He assumed that the blast wave radius R was a function of energy released E, air density , and time t. Use dimensional reasoning to show how wave radius must vary with time.

Determine critical clearing time and critical clearing angle

Determine the critical clearing time and critical clearing angle for the hydro and steam units using only the sin δ terms of the approximate transient torque-angle curve.

Determine stress in sections and overall change in length

A duralumin tie bar of diameter 40 mm and length 600 mm carries a tensile load of 180 kN. If the bar contains a 30 mm diameter hole along 100 mm of its length, determine the

Determine the equivalence ratio

The components of the exhaust gas of a spark-ignition engine using a fuel mixture represented as C8H17 have  a dry molar analysis of 8.7% CO2, 8.9% CO, 0.3% O2, 3.7% H2, 0.3

Individual gas and liquid mass transfer coefficients

A mass transfer tower operating at 1 atm and 300 K uses water, which enters free of ammonia at the top, to reduce the ammonia (NH3) concentration in air exhausted from a react

Estimate the operating temperature of the board

Atmospheric air at a volumetric flow rate of 0.060 m3/s and 27°C is drawn through the sinks by a blower. Estimate the operating temperature of the board and the pressure dro

At what rate will it lose heat to surrounding air

The top of a car has an area of 4 m2 and is at a temperature of 40 C. It’s speed is 40 mph. At what rate will it lose heat to surrounding air at 10 C if heat transfer coeffici

Determine heat rejection rate to the surrounding

R-134a enters the condenser of a refrigerator at 800kPa and 50oC at a rate of 0.018kg/s and leaves at 800kPa as a saturated liquid. It is known that the compressor consumes 1.


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