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You will locate and share information on curriculum standards. First, choose a content area like science, math, reading, physical education, art, etc. Next, conduct an internet search for applicable pre-school or early elementary professional standards.

To locate appropriate professional standards check:

The text Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Recognized educational associations like NAEYC Position Statements, the International Reading Association and National Council of Teachers of English's published Standards for the English Language Arts, etc.

State Standards - complete a web search using the following search words: (name your state) State Board of Education Student Academic

Learning Standards

In your discussion response:

List a specific age, content area, and one or two identified standards/ learning goals.

Share your thoughts as to whether the learning goal(s) you located is developmentally appropriate.

Explain how you would address this goal in the classroom (centers, experiences, group-time, small-group,etc.).

Discuss how this activity relates to the physical or social domain.

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