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1. Which term refers to the salesperson's sequential series of actions that lead toward the customer taking the desired action?

a) Talent management

b) Marketing mix

c) Sales process

d) Sales presentation

e) sales presentation

f) Marketing process

2. Tyrone is a salesperson for a pet product company, and his territory includes Vermont and New Hampshire. Tyrone's job activities most likely include all of the following EXCEPT:

a) providing solutions to customer's problems.

b) providing samples for customer distribution.

c) suggesting how to promote products.

d) arranging in-store demonstrations.

e) reselling products to wholesalers.

3. Types of overt discrimination include:

written, but not oral acts of discrimination.

only sexual harassment claims at companies with 50 or more employees.

harassment, pay inequalities, retaliation and obstacles to advancement.

requiring employers to hire a quota of individuals with handicaps.

4. Under Section 504 of the Rehab Act. the time limit for filing a charge with the EEOC is:

30 days

60 days

180 days

365 days

5. Under ADA, an employer is not required:

to make accommodations that would be an “undue hardship”.

to consider an employee’s disability in the hiring process.

to make any accommodations beyond things like an elevator in buildings with stairs. to submit a yearly EEO-1 form.

6. The disproportionate limitation or denial of employment based on a seemingly neutral requirement or practice is called:

disparate treatment.

disparate impact.

quid pro quo.

net neutrality.

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