The representativeness heuristic

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Your department was just given a new assignment to pilot and rollout to your company. The assignment involves assembling a cross-organizational team that will be given the responsibility for analyzing different payroll systems that Faraday Enterprises can use, and selecting the best payroll system to implement.

You've chosen Susan, a salaried employee and Project Manager, to lead this effort. Her responsibilities will be to assemble the team, identify potential software products, test them, and move forward with implementing the final decision.

While you know Susan is the perfect choice to lead this project, you also know that she'll be surprised you've picked her and that she might lack the confidence to manage this project successfully.

Knowing what you do about "the self-fulfilling prophecy" and the effect it may have from Susan's point of view, write a memo introducing her to the project and the role she will lead. Be sure to build into your memo information that will help Susan correctly understand her job, and convey your confidence in her that she will succeed in leading this project.

As part of your two to three page memo, address two of the following three mental strategies and shortcuts and how they may affect the group's decision in a negative way.

The availability heuristic
The representativeness heuristic
The anchoring and adjustment heuristic

Finally, identify for Susan two or more ways in which she could improve her thinking and her group's decisions so they arrive at the best possible outcome for their project. Be sure to use APA writing style and reference notation-including citations in your written text.


Reference no: EM1378350

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