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1. According to “The Practices of Effective Managerial Coaches,” the higher a manager rises in an organization, the

Less likely s/he will become a coach to others in the organization

Less likely s/he will need a coach to help with performance issues

Less likely s/he will get effective and meaningful performance feedback

Less likely s/he will provide meaningful performance feedback to others

2. If you remember from our Strategic Design Lens, part of making an organization effective is make sure that the goals, strategies, structures, and systems are aligned. Which of the following is the role of Job and Task Descriptions in aligning the goals and strategies of the organization with individual performance behaviors and outcomes?

To explain the expectations and requirements of a job so that the incumbent possesses the correct competencies and skills to perform well

To explain the expectations and requirements of a job so that the organizational strategies can be adapted to the people who are working there

To explain the expectations and requirements of a job so that managers can evaluate individual performance

None of the above

Reference no: EM131367571

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