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Email is massively popular, yet many companies deny customers the opportunity to interact with them in freeform email. Instead, they prefer to use web-forms which are predesigned.

Explore the relative advantages and disadvantages of both forms (email and web-form) from the perspective of both customer and organization.

Reference no: EM131375327

What is the maximum authorized router inventory

Lou's Bakery has established that JIT should be used for chocolate chips due to the high probability of the kitchen heat melting the chips. The average demand is 130 cups of c

Creating specific-measurable-achievable-realistic

Illustrate the value of a training needs assessment in an organization in general, supporting your response. Describe the components of a needs assessment used to determine th

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Which organizations have improved their internal operations using best practices? Select an organization that you believe has successfully improved its strategy execution, and

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Consciousness Case Study The Case of…Arlene Amarosi, the Woman Who Dreams of Stress Arlene Amarosi, a working mother, has been under a lot of stress this year. She has been ha

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Data Mining Functionalities are Time series analysis and Outlier analysis: What do distinguish Time Series Analysis from other data mining functionalities? What is the main go

Project management in wide variety of its operations

Consider a medium-sized company that has decided to begin using project management in a wide variety of its operations. As part of their operational shift, they are going to a

Plot the data and provide insights about the time series

Forecasts and actual sales of MP3 players at Just Say Music are as follows: Month Forecast Actual Sales March 150 170 April 220 229 May 205 192 June 256 241 July 250 238 Augus

What are some of the consumer behavior-related concepts

What are some of the consumer behavior-related concepts you are aware of? Briefly describe each one, and identify two concepts or principles of consumer behavior that you feel


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