The objectives for adopting an erp system

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Case Study- NIBCO'S "BIG BANG"

Your tasks:

1. Read the complete case study to ensure you fully understand the SAP implementation and its outcomes.

2. Use your knowledge of the Motiwalla & Thompson and at least 4 academically sound external sources, to develop your report.

3. As the case study highlights many issues, too many to be addressed in this assignment, you are required to restrict your analysis to following topics:

a. The objectives for adopting an ERP system
b. Implementation strategies
c. Vendor selection
d. Knowledge transfer
e. Critical success factors
f. Organisational commitment.

4. Your report should discuss the points above and determine their effectiveness of the Implementation Process (in relation to the above topics only), and provide suitable alternatives to ensure that OCBIN's implementation of an SAP ERP system would have a better outcome.

Reference no: EM13757200

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