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1. What is meant by green supply chain in global supply chain logistics?

2. Explain the role of the manager in innovation and change management?

3. What are contemporary models of leadership? Explain any two in details?

4. Discuss the cost of congestion in the transportation system? (Global supply chain logistics)

Reference no: EM132279826

Production facility before making purchase decisions

Potential customers frequently visit your production facility before making purchase decisions. You and the people who report to you in the sales department have received exte

Supply process is there greatest opportunity to add value

Where in the supply process is there the greatest opportunity to add value and why? What approaches, other than the standard supply procedure, might be used to minimize the sm

Public relations blunders involving social media

Search the Web for two other public relations blunders involving social media. Share a brief summary of the incident and then respond to the following questions: How did the c

Managing for quality and performance excellence

Contrast Leadership for Quality and Lean Six Sigma as quality initiatives for Xerox. How did their motivations differ? What differences or similarities are evident in the prin

Main types of government and private sector contracts

Discuss the three main types of government and private sector contracts: time and materials, fixed price, and cost reimbursable, when they are applicable, and what the advanta

Understanding and awareness of differences

This assignment involves a written analysis of an interview with someone from a cultural group different from your own about their experience working for an organization. Th

What is the average time a car is in the system

Automobiles arrive at a drive through window at a post office at the rate of 4 every 10 mins. The average service time is 2 mins. The poisson distribution is appropriate fo

Calculate the cycle time-cycle time efficiency

Calculate the cycle time, cycle time efficiency and cost of the university admission process described in Exercise 1.1, assuming that: The process starts when an online applic


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