The institution-based view of multinational strategy

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Between 2004 and 2011, the CEO for Bayer MaterialScience North America (BMS NA) was Greg Babe. Analyze Babe's proposal from the institution-based view of multinational strategy. Give the main reason(s) why Mr. Babe took the risk of using the framework of formal and informal internal institutions for his proposal.

Reference no: EM131437162

Non-traditional aspect of non-verbal communication

Pick a NON-TRADITIONAL aspect of non-verbal communication and discuss how it applies to professional healthcare administration. Think proxemics, color, time, touch, etc.

Explain the importance of recognizing culture variations

Explain the importance of recognizing culture variations, and list eight categories of culture differences. List four general guidelines for adapting to any business culture.

Find a story in the current media

Find a story in the current media that concerns a situation that you dread encountering in a healthcare setting. One that involves ethical and legal issues. Describe staff rea

Cultural assimilation teaches the cultures values-attitudes

Cultural assimilation teaches the culture's values, attitudes, manners, and customs. So-called guerrilla linguistics, which involves learning some phrases in the local languag

Bank analyst is studying the banks loan portfolio

A bank analyst is studying the bank’s loan portfolio to estimate the number of loans currently in default. She finds that the proportion of loans in the bank’s portfolio that

Retailer is analyzing survey data on its customer base

A retailer is analyzing survey data on its customer base. The retailer found that 35% of its customers are men, while 10% are North Carolina residents. If 5% of its customers

Group of parts is to be manufactured on two machines

A group of parts is to be manufactured on two machines: machine A and machine B. 60% of the parts will be manufactured on machine A. Machine A produces defective parts (D) 10%

Compare the culture at your present employer to culture

For years in a row, the Clothing Store was rated as one of the best employers in the geographic area. What makes a retailer that sells both men’s and women’s clothing a great


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