The goals call for halving the number of deaths due

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1. Which country has the largest number of people living in extreme poverty?

a.   Asia

b.   South America

c.   Africa

d.   North America

2. Which is the only African nation to have a policy of free, compulsory secondary education?

a.   South Africa

b.   Nigeria

c.   Kenya

d.   Egypt

3. Which country has the highest birth rate: on average, 7 children per woman?

a.   Niger

b.   India

c.   Somalia

d.   Nepal

4. The new goals aim to be “sustainable” – really, really, sustainable, how many times is the word mentioned in the document?

a.   Once

b.   32 times

c.   76 times

d.   421 times

5. Goal 3 calls for the wiping out diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. How many people are infected with HIV/AIDS?

a.   6.4 million

b.   18 million

c.   35 million

d.   110 million

6. The goals promise to bring three of these four to everyone. Which one is not on the list?

a.   Birth certificates of all newborns

b.   A patch of green space

c.   Building the tourism industry to create jobs

d.   Free universal Wi-Fi access

7. Goal 5 calls for the elimination of female genital mutilation. Which country banned the practice in 2015?

a.   Oman

b.   Democratic Republic of Congo

c.   Sudan

d.   Nigeria

8. Goal 7 strives to bring electricity to everyone. How many people do not have electricity?

a.   623,000

b.   400 million

c.   750 million

d.   1.1 billion

9. Who said this about SDGs “There is no ‘Plan B’ because we do not have ‘Planet B’’’?

a.   Bill Gates

b.   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

c.   Bono

d.   Warren Buffet

10. The goals call for halving the number of deaths due to:

a.   Swimming pool accidents

b.   Early death from non-communicable diseases

c.   Road accidents

d.   Snake bites

Reference no: EM131417459

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