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Janelle? Heinke, the owner of? Ha'Peppas!, is considering a new oven in which to bake the? firm's signature? dish, vegetarian pizza. Oven type A can handle 22 pizzas an hour. The fixed costs associated with oven A are $ 25,000 and the variable costs are $ 3.00 per pizza. Oven B is larger and can handle 40 pizzas an hour. The fixed costs associated with oven B are $ 32,500 and the variable costs are $ 1.50 per pizza. The pizzas sell for $ 14.00 each.

Reference no: EM131280652

Why do you think teen pregnancy rates

Why do you think teen pregnancy rates in the U.S. are among the highest in the industrialized world? We are rated 16th out of 18 countries that share these statistics? Our rat

Working a second job at publix

You are working a second job at Publix, a large grocery store. While on duty, you witness someone steal food right in front of you. The person is disheveled and appears homele

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What could companies do to maximize the effectiveness of an ombudsman? How would you analyze supply and demand for health care services? What strategies should you develop to

When using an indirect channel of distribution

When using an indirect channel of distribution, your sales force is only as good as your channel partners. As the marketing manager for the manufacturer of a new line of speci

Evict steve from the property stating

Steve buys a house from Jim. There is no written contract. However, Steve pays the purchase price, moves onto the property, and begins to build a new garage. Jim seeks to evic

Find the optimal solution using graphical method

A manufacturer produces 3 chemicals: A, B and C. These chemicals are produced in two production processes: 1 and 2. Running process 1 for an hour costs $4 and produces 3 units

Premarital sex-abortion or redistribution of wealth

You will need to debate one of the following issues: premarital sex, abortion, or redistribution of wealth. Please present both sides of the argument and then argue which one

Effectiveness of each inspector is calculated

Review this example to learn how individual effectiveness of each inspector is calculated, besides repeatability and reproducibility. Then, for the example illustrated in t


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