The essential functions containted in teh job description

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1. In discrimination in recruitment complaints, statistical evidence often becomes the basis for determining of adverse impact or disparate treatment exists. if you received an applicant complaint of discrimination in the recruitement process, you would first review evidence that shows:

1) The labor market the recruitment occurred, and the number and demographics of the applicants.

2) The essential functions containted in teh job description, and teh qualifications and number and demographics of teh applicant screening panel.

3) The revelant labor market, the demographics of that market, the methodology of recruitment, and an analysis of the essential fntions for job relatedness

4) all of these choices

2. The Executive branch of govenment has the authority to issue executive orders that affect employment practices. the extent of an executive order can affect:

1) All workplaces in the US

2) Government agencies

3) Companies with contracts to provide good and servies to the government

4) Government agencies, and companies with contracts to provide good and sservcies to the government.

Reference no: EM131440127

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