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In diagnosing a problem, it is always necessary to be on guard against mistakenly labeling a problem symptom as the problem itself.

What is the difference between problem symptom and a problem?

What is most likely to happen if a problem symptom and not the problem is addressed?

Based on the Case: The Long-Time Employee,(chapter 33) answer the following questions:

A. It is evident that you need to make a decision concerning Hilda and her apparent inability to keep up with the work. Identify three alternatives that you believe might be possible.

B. What information do you need to assemble in preparing to justify your decision and implement it?

1. What is the strongest force acting to prevent us from improving our use of time? Why is this and what can be done about it? (Chapter 34)

2. Why is this and what can be done about it? (Chapter 34)

What particular characteristics might be exhibited by a supervisor who continually seems to become caught up in people problems that should actually be addressed by others? Chapter 34)

Reference no: EM131368896

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