The coordinates along with the number of weekly visits

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Mitch just built 4 franchise locations for his newest pizzerias and wants to decide where to put his headquarters. He makes 1 weekly visit to his Northside store (X = 3, Y = 10), 2 visits to his Eastside store (X = 4, Y = 6), 3 visits to his Southside store (X = 2, Y = 5) and 4 visits to his Westside store (X = 1, Y = 4). Using the coordinates along with the number of weekly visits as weights, compute the coordinates of the center of gravity to help him with his location decision.



Reference no: EM13805087

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Other service providers by centralizing manufacturing

Dunkin' Donuts joined many other service providers by centralizing manufacturing. Doughnut making in a geographic area is now done centrally for many stores, and the doughnuts


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