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The price in deposit is $95.00 and I would need the break even analysis and forecast In 7 hours. Please let me know if you will be able to complete or not, as the last writer has exceeded deadline. need two things from the attached PDF files:
1. I need a break even analysis using the figures (which are based on cost of supplies) provided in the parts list PDF. We are going to get a 50% markup on the retail price (cost of goods $658.36, cost of retail is $987.54 installed per shed, this includes labor at a rate of 5 hours complete installation per shed. We will be making 5555 sheds for the year.
2. I need a one year forecast for the company, KKS sheds also using the attached data. We are to be making and installing 5555 sheds.

Reference no: EM13271645

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