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A U.S. Postal Service supervisor is looking for ways to reduce stress in the sorting department. With the existing? arrangement, stamped letters are? machine-canceled and loaded into tubs with 425425 letters per tub. The tubs are then pushed to postal? clerks, who read and key zip codes into an automated sorting machine at the rate of one tub per 425425 seconds. To overcome the stress caused when the stamp canceling machine outpaces the sorting? clerks, a pull system is proposed. When the clerks are ready to process another tub of? mail, they will pull the tub from the canceling machine area. How many tubs should circulate between the sorting clerks and the canceling machine if 85 comma 00085,000 letters are to be sorted during a 99?-hour ?shift, the safety stock policy? variable, alpha α, is 0.050.05?, and the average waiting time plus material handling time is 2020 minutes per? tub?

The average processing time per tub of? letters, p is ____ day. ?(Enter your response rounded to four decimal? places)

Reference no: EM13957572

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