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Testing for a linear correlation. Construct a scatter plot, find the value of the linear correlation coefficient r, and find the critical values of r from the table below using a=0.05. Determine whether the is sufficient evidence to supporta claim of a linear correlation between the two variables.

CPI and Pizza; The paired values of the consumer pice index and a slice of pizza:

cpi 30.2 48.3 112.3 162.2 191.9 197.8

pizza 0.15 0.35 1.00 1.25 1.75 2.00

Reference no: EM1395299

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With reference to Exercise 12, if n = 100, θ0 = 0.40, θ1 = 0.30, and α is as large as possible without exceeding 0.05, use the normal approximation to the binomial distribut


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