Testable null statistical hypothesis

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Are females more likely to develop high blood pressure than males?

For this research question:

Clearly identify the independent and dependent variables you would study.

Determine whether a one-tail or two-tail test is most appropriate and explain why.

Generate a testable null statistical hypothesis and an alternative statistical hypothesis.

Select an alpha level of .05, .01, or .001 and justify your choice.

Reference no: EM13111594

Hypotheses testing problems

Citrus Rental is a popular car rental agency that has a history of having too few cars available, so that its available cars are overdriven. The mean monthly mileage over th

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Suppose that a random sample of 40 toddlers finds that 34 know what color Barney is. What is the 90% confidence interval for the percentage of toddlers who know what color B

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Degrees of freedom and t distribution

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Total marketing effort is a term used to describe the critical decision factors that affect demand: price, advertising, distribution, and product quality. Let the variable x

Examples of acceptance or rejection of the null

Debate if "failing to reject the null" is the same as "accepting the null." Support your position with examples of acceptance or rejection of the null. Next, give your opini


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