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J. Smith & Associates have requested your firm to submit a project summary regarding opening a new division office in Scottsdale, Arizona. This new office will serve as a regional headquarters for Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and California. The office will connect with remote satellite offices throughout the region. This division office will connect with the other division offices as well as the headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.

The division office will house over 500 employees that address the various needs of customers and employees throughout the region. The physical office building is three stories tall and the entire enterprise is housed on all three stories occupying the entire building. The building is three years old. The building infrastructure is current and modern including the telecommunications, electrical needs and code. Your firm's task will be to move in the necessary furniture and equipment, networking the technology, setting up and equipping the communication services.

As part of the overhaul regarding the organizational structure, the executive suite is established in the central portion of the building on the third floor of the divisional office. The third floor will serve as support services for those in the executive suite as well as maintaining communication and connectivity with the other division offices and headquarters. Legal affairs and compliance is also on the third floor. The second floor is dedicated to the regional offices and employee support. The first floor is committed to customer service support.

For this assignment choose one of the three following areas: Telecommunications, Technology, Furniture and equipment. You will present this portion of the project to the client. You will need to discuss what tasks are required to meet the needs of the client and the organization.

Reference no: EM131270657

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