Techniques associated with the daguerreotype

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1. Describe the processes/techniques associated with the daguerreotype, the calotype paper negative, and the wet collodion glass negative. Who were the "inventors" of these processes? Compare the advantages/disadvantages of each process.

2. Discuss at least three ways in which the camera was used as a tool for documentation. What impacts (social, economic, scientific, etc.) did this new form of documentation have in 19th century Europe and North America?

3. Discuss the ways in which photography was used for anthropological/ethnographic study in the 19th and early 20th century. What ideological assumptions, if any, were apparent in these studies?

4. Compare and contrast the early attempts to justify photography as an art form (e.g. Le Gray, Reijlander, Robinson, Emerson, Cameron and other pictorialists). What forces were against the perception of photography as a fine art and how did photographers work to overcome this?

Reference no: EM13498828

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