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I need to write a set of detailed instructions and I have run out of ideas for the topic/process to do it on. I want something original, and fun, not too simple, not too complicated. Any ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Reference no: EM13149922

Compute the received power strength of signal

The loss in the signal strength due to the first meter and the distance between the access point and the laptop is 80 dB. What is the received power or received signal stren

How can this be used to maintain a competitive edge

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Major components of strategic management

What are the major components of strategic management, and why is each component needed for success? How are an organization's mission and values important to strategy formula

Psychoanalytical theories

What are the main premises each of the psychoanalytical theories (psychological), the social control theory (sociological), and the heredity-based theories (biological)? Expla

Explain how politics-selected health promotion topic related

you read about a classic example of politics and health promotion in the episode of Rick Perry and the HPV vaccine. For your original post, cite another example of politics

Types and significance of validity and reliability

After using the Reliability and Validity Exercise, further distinguish the types and significance of validity and reliability in test creation, application in counseling set

Create a blood spatter pattern

Characteristics, whether the blood spatter is elliptical, circular, splash, crenellated, a spurt, or a combination of different characteristics- The shape of the bloodstain

What would be the equal annual payments

What would be the equal annual payments - If the current market internal rate on similar mortgages is 12%, how much money does the bank lose by issuing the mortgage described


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