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Write a reflective essay regarding the systems development environment and the sources of software. This assignment covers Terminal Course Objectives 1 and 3.

This essay should cover the following topical areas.

Systems Development Environment

You are at a company picnic and you met someone from another department besides information systems, and they asked you what you did for the company. Your answer is "I am a systems analyst." They follow up with the question, "What is a systems analyst, and why would anyone want to be one?" After thinking about this, what would you say? Explain the skills required to be an effective systems analyst. Try to support your answer with evidence from your reading for this week.

Sources of Software

The textbook proposes eight criteria in the evaluation of alternative off-the-shelf software packages. However, your boss has asked you to propose evaluation criteria for choices between alternative custom software developers rather than prewritten packages. Describe how the criteria you have chosen is appropriate to select and compare among competing bidders for custom development of an application. Ensure that you have adequately defined each of these criteria.

How might a systems analyst justify a recommendation of an ERP strategy as compared with other types of design strategies? Consider at least three justification points.

Use APA format.

Reference no: EM131228396

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