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SCM Globe Reflection Paper-

The individualresearch papersare due in the Individual Assignments Folder as indicated in the Course Guide/Schedule. Paper must first be submitted to Turnitin folder ‘SCM Globe Midterm Paper' prior to submission to the Assignment folder.

The individual research paper should demonstrate the individual's ability to integrate and synthesize the SCM Globe simulation as well as course concepts and research materials to communicate their understanding of integrative supply chain concepts and their application in organizations.

Additional expectation includes proper writing style, organization, grammar, and spelling, as well as integration of course-related material. The writing style must follow the American Psychological Association. (2009).

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. Citations for online sources should include the online address (URL) as well as the citation for the specific reference.

Full information on how to cite various resources including articles and Web sites is available at UMUC Library APA Citation Examples page:

SCM Globe Research paper specifics:

In a no less than750-word paperdescribein detail the relationship between the four supply chain objects (products, facilities, vehicles and routes) as well lessons learned from simulations conducted.

Additionally, explain what tradeoffs you can make between these four objects to get lower overall supply chain costs.

In addition to the SCM Globe manual as well as simulations conducted thus far, additional research for the paper may be conducted online using the UMUC online library as the primary source; as well as other credible verifiable sources. Do not use abstracts. Use full-text articles.

The PDF version typically prints out in the same format (e.g., exact page numbers) as the article appeared in the journal. Please see the syllabus for additional sources that must be avoided.

Reference no: EM131247637

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