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Assignment - Students will imagine that a firm that would like to conduct business in the following countries has hired them: Brazil, China, and India. In a written report to their employer, students will discuss what information the firm would need to know about the country before they attempt to do business there.

Students will look at social-cultural, economic, legal-political, and managerial differences between the US and the other countries. Students will choose from Brazil, China, or China, which country they would like to study. See attached checklist as a starting point for investigating a foreign culture.

Students will:

1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of management in a globally interdependent and diverse business world.

2. Highlight the opportunities and challenges of conducting business in other countries.

3. Develop an understanding of cultural and legal differences in the global business environment.

4. Compare and contrast the social-cultural environment of Brazil, China or India to the US.

5. Compare and contrast the economic environment of Brazil, China or India to the US.

6. Compare and contrast the legal-political environment of Brazil, China or India to the US.

7. Compare and contrast the managerial differences of Brazil, China or India to the US.

8. Synthesize research into a managerial report.


Discussions on doing business in other countries, introducing students to the language and concepts of globalization will be covered during the semester.

Search YouTube to locate multiple video clips on doing business in Brazil, India, and China (document your searches

Students will read selected chapters in their textbook "Global Business Today" Hill/ Ten Edition McGraw Hill. In addition, students will be encouraged to search the Internet for current (no older than one year) journal, magazine and newspaper articles. Sources must be documented.

Reference no: EM132279853

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