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Objective: For this week’s assignment you will need to locate three sources on a topic of your choice and write a 3-page paper, double-spaced. The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to: - synthesize information from multiple sources - locate peer-reviewed resources using the library databases - put together a well-organized and edited paper - properly cite sources in APA format - write for your discipline using formal language Sources: For this paper you should include two journal articles from peer-reviewed sources and one electronic source. Be Sure to: - Start each paragraph with a sentence or phrase that informs the reader of the topic. - Clearly indicate which material comes from which source. Use lead-in phrases (According to Smith (2004)….) a, nd in-text citations. - Show similarities and/or differences between the different sources in ways that make the paper as informative as possible. - Represent texts fairly. Remember, just because you are restating information in your own words, does not mean you are in anyway changing what the source says.

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