Tourism Multiplier Effect

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(a) Critically calculate the negative impacts that international tourism may have on a destination economically, culturally and environmentally.

(b) Briefly describe the term Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA). Confer its importance within the context of international tourism.


(a) Describe briefly Cultural Tourism. Substantiate your answer with concrete instances.

(b) Converse the pressure on the relationship between tourism and culture


(a) What are the challenges (confronts) facing International Tourism Development to-day.

b) Make suggestions as to how the challenges could be mitigated from

(i). Host's perspective

(ii). Visitors' perspective


"Investing in infrastructure and marketing for tourism is often considered as a good approach for boosting a nation's economy. However, recent debates have arisen concerning the actual effect tourism has within developing countries, and to what amount it helps those most in need of financial assistance".

(a) Critically examine the above statement.

(b) Briefly elucidate the term "Tourism Multiplier Effect".

Reference no: EM133598

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