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Calls arrive at Lynn Ann Fish's hotel switchboard at a rate of per minute. The average time to handle each is seconds. There is only one switchboard operator at the current time. The Poisson and negative exponential distributions appear to be relevant in this situation. a) The probability that the operator is busy = (round your response to two decimal places). b) The average time that a caller must wait before reaching the operator = minutes (round your response to two decimal places). c) The average number of calls waiting to be answered = calls (round your response to two decimal places).

Reference no: EM132280615

Additional responsibilities to subordinate

Delegation is the assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate. When done correctly, the individuals involved know exactly what they are to do, and the ch

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Complete the following audience-profile questionnaire for the fitness-center report in Exercise 2 or for a hypothetical research, investigate, or annual report that you have b

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Your text discusses the importance of color with packaging in chapter 12. Choosing a company with a distinctive color. Discuss the importance of color with that company’s adve

For the forecast developed using exponential smoothing

The forecast for weeks 2 through 10 using exponential smoothing with alpha α ?= 0.550.55 and a week 1 initial forecast of 21.021.0 are ?(round your responses to two decimal ?p

Word processors-electronic spreadsheets and web browsers

Word processors, electronic spreadsheets, Web browsers, project management tools, collaborative work programs, and many other types of ____ are software that runs on computers

How jobs have changed since the nlra was passed

The NLRA has been criticized as an outdated document that is hindering rather than helping the workforce cope with the realities of a global market. Describe how jobs have c

How many of these machines should be assigned to operator

The industrial engineer in the Machine Tech, Inc. Company would like to assign a number of similar facilities to an operator, based on the goal of minimizing the cost per unit

Utual funds have become the investment of choice

For many investors, mutual funds have become the investment of choice. In your own words, describe why investors purchase mutual funds? Are mutual funds or common stock invest


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