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Calls arrive at Lynn Ann Fish's hotel switchboard at a rate of per minute. The average time to handle each is seconds. There is only one switchboard operator at the current time. The Poisson and negative exponential distributions appear to be relevant in this situation. a) The probability that the operator is busy = (round your response to two decimal places). b) The average time that a caller must wait before reaching the operator = minutes (round your response to two decimal places). c) The average number of calls waiting to be answered = calls (round your response to two decimal places).

Reference no: EM132280615

Why ethics audit important to an organization

Why is it important to link the ethics audit back to the mission of a company? Explain your ideas and provide examples. What is an ethics audit and why is it important to an o

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As the marketplace dynamics make competition even more heated, how can a small business utilize innovation to gain a competitive advantage? Don't focus just on technological i

Size of the same age cohort differing between cultures

Although the relative size of age cohorts within a culture is determined by a number of factors that can vary from one generation to the next, what is the primary cause of the

Planning step of the procurement process preaward phase

During the procurement planning step of the procurement process preaward phase, the buyer should consider relevant constraints. Describe at least two constraints a buyer might

What are the implications of this for future research

Are there any important contradictions, arguments, disagreements, or divergences within this set of readings that point to potential areas for future research? How would you

Patient experienced abdominal pain and additional surgery

A nurse assisting in a surgical procedure at High Mountain Hospital fails to remove a surgical sponge before the surgeon closes the incision. The patient experienced abdominal

What is the latest week that the order can be started

If 40 units of the end item are to be assembled, how many additional units of B are needed?b. An order for the end item is scheduled to be shipped at the start of week 8. Wh

What is socialization

How does an organization ensure a fit between its associates’ values and its organizational culture? How does an organization choose groups or teams? (a) What is socialization


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