Suppose that the drug reached the cardiac cells

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Q1. Oceans receive materials from land primarily as runoff from rivers. Which of the statements is true regarding the materials and nutrients found in the oceans? Most elements that enter the oceans from other compartments remain suspended in the water.

1. Zones of uplifting have low amounts of mineral nutrients.

2. Concentrations of mineral nutrients in the oceans are relatively low.

3. Oceans exchange materials with the atmosphere at a high rate.

Q2. A high school soccer athlete with asthma is experiencing an asthma attack even as at practice. This student decides to use his inhalant (a beta-receptor agonist) to treat his asthma however; he forgets instructions from his physician and uses the inhalant twice in a short time period. Suppose that the drug reached the cardiac cells through the circulation.

Reference no: EM136417

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Suppose if we hire the biological species concept where a population or group of populations within which genes are actually or potentially exchanged by interbreeding.


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