Summarize two of the authors arguments

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Assignment: Discussion-Analyzing Implications

Implications of arguments can be used as tools for evaluating and assessing arguments. These can help you decide whether you want to accept or support an original argument or not. In this assignment, you build on the skills you used and go one step further.

Review the following articles:

  • Eastland, T. (2011, January 17). We the people. The Weekly Standard, 16(17), 7-8. 
  • Cohen, N. (2013, December 15). Surveillance: Cozy or chilling?. The New York Times, p. SR.6. 

Using these articles, complete the following:

  • Summarize two of the authors' arguments (one argument from each article). 
  • Identify and discuss one further implication of each of those arguments. Assuming the author is "right," what sorts of claims or facts would follow from that argument?

Reference no: EM13817467

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