Summarize the economic situation in the country

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From an economic perspective, based on research that you have conducted, summarize the economic situation in the country that you have chosen ( Japan) to focus on for this class.

Think from the perspective of a company interested in doing business in this country. Some things you may include: population, economic statistics and activity, developments in science and technology, distribution channels, and the media.

Reference no: EM131161322

Why do you think the campaign has been so successful

What was the role and importance of the Real California Cheese certification mark in implementing the positioning and IMC program elements? How and where was it implemented?

Innovative idea of creating an online platform

You have recently developed an innovative idea of creating an online platform, a market place for world textile, apparel. You intent to attract leading designer labels such

Marketers to target different microcultures

How does Pinterest enable marketers to target different microcultures? Include specific examples that support your response. (Hint: See Chapter 9, pages 177-188 in the textb

Describe the company overall value proposition

Outline how Whole Foods segmented its market and determined if the segments were attractive and worth pursuing. Describe the company's overall value proposition and how it was

Learn about ethnocentric orientation

In Chapter 1 we learned about 'ethnocentric orientation.' In your opinion, should a company that wants to market its products and services to international markets use 'ethn

How does the company justify this model

How would you summarize the pricing strategy that best fits Whole Foods' business model; is it Market Penetration, EDLP, High/ Low, or Price Skimming? How does the company j

Outline the market research process

To investigate the problem, you need to implement some market research. Outline the market research process you would recommend to management. How would you use primary data

Dizzying array of messages and image strategies

During the course of a day, you'll be exposed to thousands of ads using a dizzying array of messages and image strategies, each of which appeals to different consumers in di


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