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Literature Review Instructions

For this assignment, a literature review will be written based on a specific reading topic. Find 10 journal articles from the last 10 years to support your topic. Focus must be on journal articles about teaching reading in the content areas of math, science, history, social studies, art, music, health, and/or physical education. It is best to focus on 1 area to streamline your research. If you are a secondary teacher, you may focus on your content area. Elementary teachers must focus on reading in a content area. Be sure to review articles in their entirety from scholarly, educational sources, such as those from the International Reading Association, ASCD, and the professional associations in the various content areas (do not use popular periodicals that feature teacher helps, tips and classroom ideas, or journals that are vague and not peer reviewed).

The paper must include the following:

  • Cover page

  • Abstract

  • Eight to 10 pages of text

  • Conclusion

  • Reference page(s)

Important elements to remember:

  • Ten articles from scholarly journals (no older than 10 years) that focus on teaching reading in content areas.

  • Organize your research of the articles in a logical fashion. Then summarize and make connections between the articles.

  • Compare and contrast the information found in each of the articles. What did you find that relates or does not relate?

  • Follow APA formatting guidelines:

    • Citations within document (Remember to add page number(s) at the end of the citation if you direct quote.)

    • References (be careful of properly citing electronic sources)

    • Line spacing

    • Header with page numbers

Reference no: EM131418170

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The directions are pretty simple.  This is your final, therefore you do not have to turn this lab in.  You will have some time to prepare for it, so think about your answers.  Make sure you answer with the questions completely.

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