Substantial delegation is most likely to occur when

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1. An important contribution of the research by Bowers and Seashore was the emphasis on:

   a. peer leadership

   b. situational factors

   c. influence processes

   d. critical incidents

2. Substantial delegation is most likely to occur when:

   a. the manager is confident and secure

   b. the task is important

   c. subordinate jobs are highly interdependent

   d. work procedures are highly standardized

3. What is the least important reason for delegating to subordinates?

   a. get rid of tedious tasks that are time wasters

   b. develop subordinate skills and confidence

   c. make the job of subordinates more interesting

   d. increase subordinate commitment to a task

4. Which employee trait is least likely to facilitate effective empowerment?

   a. high need for achievement

   b. external locus of control orientation

   c. high self acceptance

   d. relevant technical knowledge

5. Which of the following characteristics of the job or organization is most likely to be a facilitating condition for the effectiveness of empowerment?

   a. cultural values emphasizing reliable, efficient operations

   b. a competitive strategy of low cost, standard product or service

   c. repeated transactions in a continuing relationship with customers

   d. a high degree of standardization and formalization

6. The decision procedure that empowers a subordinate the most is:

   a. joint decision-making

   b. delegation

   c. proactive consultation

   d. reactive consultation

Reference no: EM13992329

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