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Course Operations Management.: Submit your PowerPoint Book Review here.  Each student will select a book related to the course material to read and share with the class. Prepare a 4-6 page PowerPoint presentation about the book. The presentation should include the book title, picture of the cover, author(s) names, and a summary of the book. List the background of the author(s) including other publications, occupation, and notoriety. Describe how this book relates to what you have learned in this course. Course Operations Management. 



Reference no: EM13956894

How would you define the role of public relations

How would you define the role of public relations (PR)? Search the internet for a company that you believe is doing a great job with PR and provide a link to their website and

Human resources department of large company

If you were in the human resources department of a large company and needed to fill 10 entry-level positions working in a warehouse, and 2 management positions for the company

Planning process irrespective of actual outcomes of process

The old adage is "it's not the destination, but the journey that matters". With that in mind, defend the thought that the process of developing a marketing plan might be more

Phases in the security risk management process

Concentrate this module's area of research on "Microsoft's risk management approach." Write a 1-2 pages APA style paper, describing each of the four phases in the security ris

Special type of contract that prohibits commerce directly

A covenant not to compete is a special type of contract that prohibits commerce directly in the business world. There are, essentially, two primary types of contracts not to c

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is considered as a viable means of marketing communication because of the inherent features such as personalisation, localisation, ubiquity and interactivity

Manage small business effectively

Determine the various control and support functions needed to manage a small business effectively. Which best practices can be applied to the greatest number of small business

Exposition organizer during a fam trip to close the sale

For sales professionals, familiarization (FAM) trips are very important to closing the sale with a meeting, convention, or exposition organizer. Determine five key things a


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