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1. Use the compression utility on your computer to compress different files. Study the effect of the original file size and file type on the ratio of compressed file size to original file size.

2. Take a few paragraphs of text from a popular magazine and compress them by removing all words that are not essential for comprehension. For example, in the sentence "This is the dog that belongs to my friend," we can remove the words is, the, that, and to and still convey the same meaning.

Let the ratio of the words removed to the total number of words in the original text be the measure of redundancy in the text. Repeat the experiment using paragraphs from a technical journal. Can you make any quantitative statements about the redundancy in the text obtained from different sources?

Reference no: EM131352903

Which survey item area of concern should be addressed first

What do the survey results show? Analyze and explain the survey results using both numbers and words, and be specific. Brainstorm. What reasons could explain these results? Wh

Program that contains the time-conversion functions

build a library Time that contains the time-conversion functions (given a number of seconds, returns the equivalent number of minutes; given the number of minutes, returns t

Find access time for this system is how many clock cycles

imagine that a certain cache-based system experiences a cache hit rate of 98%. A cache access requires 2 clock cycles, and main-memory access requires 40 clock cycles.

Difference between hardness and toughness

1. The relationship between heat treatment and toughness and hardness i.e. briefly explain why the different heat treatments give different toughness and hardness values. Wh

Describe how it applies to the realm of data communication

Write one to two paragraphs on each topic below, and describe how it applies to the realm of data communication. Also discuss what type of damage these computer infections c

Research proposal- mini research project

What kind of study does the question suggest (empirical--e.g., ethnography, case study, descriptive study, experimental; historical--oral or archival or both; theoretical; d

Design an algorithm

Design an algorithm and use it to write a Python program that allow the user to reads the contents of the data file into a list. The program should then loop, to allow a use

Briefly explain the role of the pre-processor

Briefly explain the role of the pre-processor in the compilation of a program - What does the -D in the following command do and why would we want to use it? g++ -D DEBUG sour


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