Struggle with understanding the extent of the rights

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The law is sometimes thought of as a foreign language due to all of the legalese in contracts. Insurance contracts, especially, are notorious for being incredibly difficult to understand. Since we discussed a modern preference for eliminating the legalese, is it ethical for businesses to still write their contracts in that manner, since many may struggle with understanding the extent of the rights or lack thereof? How would you handle this if you were the one in charge of contract language at your company?

Reference no: EM131256448

Possible environmental issues

As you prepare for the meeting, you consider all of the possible environmental issues. You recognize that Elena brings an interesting perspective to the process because she

How organization can best uphold its legal responsibilities

Your recommendations for how the organization can best uphold its legal and ethical responsibilities in relation to the management of information and information systems.

Example of a service breakdown

Give an example of a service breakdown you experienced. Describe the incident. Explain the recovery method of the company. Are you still a customer of the company? Why or wh

Pursuing a fixed exchange rate regime

Assume that policy makers are pursuing a fixed exchange rate regime. Now suppose that the foreign interest rate increases. Discuss what policy makers must do to maintain the

Failed information technology projects

There can be numerous factors that contribute to failed information technology projects. Are there consistent factors that emerge in in all failed projects or is each projec

How to measure success and organizational performance metric

Research the scholarly literature on re-engineering. Examine and discuss the reengineering of organizational processes and how participants in the change process will impact t

The cable company created sarah''s position

The cable company created Sarah's position when it learned that a local satellite TV service provider was signing up a greater share of new home owners in luxury subdivision

Appropriate economic decisions for an organization

Analyze the data you have selected to determine how to use them to make appropriate economic decisions for an organization. As you are analyzing the data, apply econometrics


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