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1. The problem before you is defining storage requirements for the strategic stockpile (space, temperature, etc.) for the multi-hospital program discussed below.

2. Research the issue and write a brief description of the problem. Cite at least three sources.

3. Write an analysis of the problem. Identify the stakeholders.

4. Identify at least two solutions to the problem.

5. List 3-5 evaluation criteria and specify the weight for each criterion.

6. Recommend one solution. Give reasons for your recommendation.

7. Present your work in the format of an executive summary as a 2-page Word document.

Please provide resources as well...Based on the case study below:

Ernest Remedios is the director of pharmaceutical services at Medscape Community Center, which is a mid-sized stand-alone hospital. Because of his position, Remedios is also a member of the disaster planning committee of the hospital. Ever since the anthrax incidents in the Washington, DC area and West Palm Beach, FL, Remedios has been worrying about the threat of a bioterrorist attack on the community. As a pharmacist, he can imagine only too well the terrible consequences of such an attack. Diseases like smallpox, ebola, and Marburg are devastating. He has a family and worries about them.

When Remedios plays out scenarios in his head, he comes up against a difficult question. He asks himself what he would do if there were an outbreak. His immediate response is that he would gather his family in the house, seal it as best as he can and shelter there until help arrives. He knows that if he goes to the hospital, he would be inoculated. But only he would be inoculated while his family remained exposed to the threat. Further, he would be quarantined at the hospital.

Remedios realizes that other employees would think in the same way. In the event of a bioterrorist attack, when the hospital must function at its best, hospital employees have a strong reason not to report to work. How can the hospital address their legitimate concerns and ensure that they report to work?

In thinking about disaster planning, remember that anything is possible, but focus on what is probable. Think about the threats to which an area or an organization is particularly vulnerable. Those threats are given priority which have the highest probability and to which the organization is most vulnerable.

In this case, the hospital must develop a plan to deal with a possible biohazard attack. If the community were exposed to a bio toxin, how would the hospital assure the continuation of medical services? If staff feel that they and their families are threatened with exposure, what can the organization do to assure them of their safety and that of their families?

Remedios has a new set of questions. How should the organizations choose sites to store medical supplies to optimize accessibility for all employees? How should the organizations address the fact that many employees reside in the market of a competing organization? How should the organizations share the cost of maintaining the stockpile and the storage sites?

The enormity of the threats posed to the community was not lost on the various hospital leaders. At their first meeting following the attacks of 9/11, it was the only topic discussed. In the following months following the anthrax attacks all the senior executives agreed that no one hospital could address the problems and they began to talk about sharing the costs of a solution. It became apparent that a focal point was needed. It was agreed by the hospitals in the region that they needed a professional to lead the effort and provide a focus for planning and implementation. They agreed to hire a part time professional to lead them.

It is clear that the costs should be divided in an equitable manner. But then, how do you define equitable? Remedios thinks that the most equitable criterion for allocating cost and responsibility is the number of employees of each participating hospital. The variable costs of the program are a function of the number of employees. The benefit derived by each hospital is also proportional to the number of employees covered by the program.

The simple answer, however, brings up one more question. Should all employees of a hospital be included in the count for calculating the share of cost? Should the count include non-essential employees? The answer to this question will make a substantial difference to a small stand-alone organization though it is less important for a larger organization.

After months of working on many such details, the disaster plan was formulated. It had 13 hospitals coordinating across four county governments and four healthcare systems. Their staff lived in three states and numerous political jurisdictions not necessarily related to the organizations involved. 

Reference no: EM13218098

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