Storytelling reconciliation indigenous australian issues

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I have to write 300 words summery after the essential reading (relative website is attached) and answer to the question, what is your view? At least 1 reference and no more than 2 references,

Michael X. Savvas, 2009 'Storytelling Reconciliation: Indigenous Australian Issues', in Tall 

Stories: The role ojlhe crime novel in .Storytelling Reconciliation, I ,amhert Academic Publishing. KitIn. Germany. pp. 69-99, Further Readings Students can rcler lhe given texts and any other relevant sources they discover in their research. Session Assignment 411 


el X. Savvas. article 'Storytelling Reconeiliatton: Indigenous Australian Issues' identify and compare the arguments for and against non-Indigenous writers writing about 

Reference no: EM13289680

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