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For Exam 2, you were asked to outline the steps to create the drawing of a can For this exam, cr.te a program that allows the user to configure the drawing of a car. Your car should look somewhat like the car in the picture, but feel free to improve upon it. You can add other features that you like.

The program should have the following fee..

  • Allow the user to choose the color of the car-urea $Combosox for this with at least 9 color choices.
  • Allow the user to choose what sixe tires they want - use radio buttons for this.

When the program starts, prompt the user to type the amount of money they would like to spend into a showInpulilielop bin. If they enter something other than an integer number, handle that exception. Also handle the exception if the number > $100,000. For both cases tell them what was wrong, and give them the option to input it again until they get it right Display the cost of the car they enter - 'Max Price: .0,000"

Reference no: EM131040531

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