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Storytelling and the use of language. A study of early childhood education asked kindergarten students to retell two fairy tales that had been read to them earlier in the week. The 10 children in the study included 5 high-progress readers and 5 low-progress readers. Each child told two stories. Story 1 had been read to them; Story 2 had been read and also illustrated with pictures. An expert listened to a recording of each child and assigned a score for certain uses of language. Here are the data:

1730_Tab 2.jpg

Is there evidence that the scores of high-progress readers are higher than those of low-progress readers when they retell a story they have heard without pictures (Story 1)?

(a) Make Normal quantile plots for the 5 responses in each group. Are any major deviations from Normality apparent?

(b) Carry out a two-sample t test. State hypotheses and give the two sample means, the t statistic and its P-value, and your conclusion.

c) Carry out the Wilcoxon rank sum test. State hypotheses and give the rank sum W for high-progress readers, its P-value, and your conclusion. Do the t and Wilcoxon tests lead you to different conclusions?

Reference no: EM131431713

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