State change in enthalpy for the following specific reaction

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Volume of HCL=50 Molarity HCL = 2.199 Volume of NaOH = 54 Molarity of NaOH= 2 Initial temperature of HCL = 23C Initial temperature of NaOH= 23.2C 1). Total mass of the final solution by adding he mass of initial HCL solution (density of 2M HCL is 1.03g/mL), the mass of water (density of water is 1.00g/mL), and the mass of magnesium. 2) Heat required to raise the MgCl2 solution to the maximum temperature assuming that the heat capacity of your final MgCl2 solution is 3.97 J/gC 3). Heat required to raise the calorimeter to the maximum temperature using the value for the heat capacity of 6.26 J/C 4) Total heat evolved by the reaction by adding the heats required to raise both the solution and the calorimeter to the maximum temperature. 5). Heat evolved per mole of Mg 6) Change in enthalpy for the following specific reaction. Be sure to indicate the correct sign (- or +) for the change in enthalpy. Mg(s) + 2H(aq)===>Mg(aq)+H2(g)

Reference no: EM13182710

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