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Do some research and post an example of either a successful or failed ERP implementation at a major company. How did it (or did it not) standardize processes across the firm? Explain what the major causes were for the success or failure of the system.

Reference no: EM131156085

List the steps involed in getting gasoline

List the steps involed in getting gasoline into your car for full service and self service. assume that paying cash is the only means of payment. for each list, identify the p

Summarize three broad approaches to training delivery

Briefly summarize 3 broad approaches to Training Delivery. List (1) Disadvantage and (1) Advantage of each Approach. Explain how each Limitation can be overcome in each approa

Employee compensation relate to overall business goals

What are some ways that technology can help companies and leaders to manage compensation, benefits plans, and associated costs? How does managing employee compensation relate

Identifying global business opportunities

Identifying Global Business Opportunities. Determine potential international markets for UBER Service in China. Identify UBER's domestic and international companies involved i

Technologies to improve effective and efficient operations

Consider the different process strategies and technologies to improve effective and efficient operations. What are the many advantages and disadvantages in using process strat

Read the oxfam report on the poultry

Read the Oxfam Report on the poultry industry (and workers therein). Then write a small discussion post where you advise workers in the industry how they can get a better deal

How did Stalin shape culture and social life in the USSR

How did Stalin shape culture and social life in the USSR? What tools did he use to enforce these changes to culture? What was Stalin's "Cult of Personality" and how did it wor

What is the average number of callers

The call center of an airline company operates for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls are received more or less evenly throughout the day at an average pace of 150 calls per


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