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A student has determined it takes an average of 16 minutes to drive from home, park the car, and get to class with a deviation of 4 so if it took the student 25 minutes what will the standard deviation be?

Reference no: EM13123201

Find time taken-students to walk from dorms to chemistry lab

a mean of 20 minutes and a standard deviation of 3 minutes. how long does it take the slowest 10% of the students to walk from the dorms to the chemistry lab.

What null and alternative hypotheses appropriate

A state representative is reported as saying that about 10% of reported auto thefts involve owners whose cars have not really been stolen, but who are trying to defraud thei

Construct the sampling distribution

Construct the sampling distribution of sample means for samples of size 2 selected from this set and construct the sampling distributions of sample ranges for samples of size

Discuss practical versus statistical significance

In other words, for every 10,000 "person-years" of women taking the hormones instead of a placebo, there would be eight additional cases of invasive breast cancer. Discuss p

Standard error of the sample proportion

They are asked if they use a laptop in class to take notes. Suppose that based on the survey, 220 of the 400 students responded "yes". a) What is the value of the sample pro

Find minimum sample size needed to be confident

What is the minimum sample size needed in order for you to be confident that your estimate is within 5 of ? Use the value for the population standard deviation of scores on

Average for total loaves sold the highest

Assuming that these sample data are representative of demand during the year, determine how many loaves of each type of bread should be made such that demand would be met on

Poisson approximation to binomial distribution

In each month, the proportion of "Prize" bonds that win a prize is 1 in 11000. There is a large number of prizes and all bonds are equally likely to win each prize.


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