Standard deviation of the returns on the index

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Which is the standard deviation of the returns on the index from 2000 to 2009 closest to?

Year End Index Realized Return (R - R)(R - R)2

2000 23.6% 14.78%0.0218448

2001 24.7%15.88%0.0252174

2002 30.5% 21.68% 0.0470022

2003 9.0% 0.18% 3.24E-06

2004 -2.0% -10.82% 0.0117072

2005 -17.3% -26.12%0.0682254

2006 -24.3% -33.12% 0.1096934

2007 32.2% 23.38% 0.0546624

2008 4.4% -4.42% 0.0019536

2009 7.4% -1.42% 0.0002016

A) 19.5%

B) 20.5%

C) 3.8%

D) 8.8%

Reference no: EM13742594

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